Bike & Trek to Gheralta

Archeological Tour

13 nights and 14 days
These journeys pass through the scenic Ethiopian highlands and leads to the historical sites of the country in the

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Bike and Trekking through Gheralta and Tembein


6 days North

This adventure will begin with the combination of biking, walking, hiking and trekking through the churches and breathtaking landscapes Tembein and Gheralta.

The natural landscapes of the Gheralta Mountains are called by some travelers as the Ethiopian Arizona. We are engaging in a range of eco-tourism activities, the tour designed to offer you unique insight into Gheralta life. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting farms that have been in operation for generation after generation, climb to the ancient rock-hewn churches, travel by horseback , camel and bike to the villages, witness the wide array of culture, taste the unique Ethiopian cuisine while having a coffee ceremony, and much, much more.

In choosing this special tour to visit and experience the landscapes, culture and famed rock-hewn churches in a unique and sustainable way. You will be hearing Gheralta’s story from the local people and experiencing the region’s remarkable beauty in a manner that no other tour operation can offer you; while at the same time giving back to our communities and supporting us to

Duration – 5 nights and 6 days

Transportation: Drive, Flight and Bike

Accommodation - 4* Hotel in Addis Ababa and Best lodges out Side of Addis Ababa

  • Tour Overview
day 01


You will be welcomed by our staff and escorted to your hotel.

Overnight Capita Hotel and Spa

day 02


After arrival, drive to Tembein and visit Abba Yohani Monastery. Tigrai northern Ethiopia is one of the over 200 rock hewn churches found throughout the state. The rock hewn churches and monasteries were built around 1800 to 1600 years ago. Abba Yohani monastery was built in the fourth century by Abune Aron Ze Gamche also some work has been done with the help of Emperor Gebremeskel of Axum. Emperor Gebremeskel is the son of the famous Axumite King of Kings Emperor Kaleb.
Afternoon visit the lifestyles of the community in one of the household around Tembein area including irrigation activities.

Overnight Mylomin Lodge

day 03


After a hearty breakfast, ride a bike to the direction of Gheralta Churches, en route stop to visit Abune Gebre Michael church. The church is situated south of Abune Yamata (Guh) and considered one of the best and finest churches in Gheralta; this church’s cruciform plan is hewn beautifully into a dome like rock. Its features good frescoes and carefully carved columns, pillars, cupolas and arches. The interior part of the church is abundantly decorated with marvelous paintings and murals are worth visiting. Later, stop for a picnic lunch at one of a family house where you will be serviced with Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
In the afternoon after lunch, climb the rock hewn church of Abune Yemata (Guh) which requires physical fitness. Abune Yemata, one of the best known of the “Rock Churches“ in the Gheralta Range with colorful paintings of the new and old testament. Climbing up to the church takes 40 minutes and the view is breathtaking. The church is dated to the late Axumite period around 7th - 8th century AD and the ceiling is decorated with painted domes of saints. Ascending and descending is an adventure by itself.

Overnight Gheralta Lodge

day 04


This morning after breakfast, visit the rock-hewn churches of Maryam and Daniel Korkor, two churches nearby. Maryam Korkor is said to be dated to the late 7th century. However, The paintings dated back to the 13th century. The architecture in Maryam Korkor. The pillar features a very earnest saint or an angel. Daniel Korkor is situated on a small ledge a short walk to the opposite side of the towering butte. The church consists of two small rooms with whitewashed walls, adorned with simple but powerful paintings, or rather drawings. Walking up and down is fascinating.
Visiting the lifestyle and activities the local peoples around the small town of Megab/Koraro which includes:
* Injera cooking demonstration
* Hair Braiding demonstration
*Evening Cultural Dance show with Coffee Ceremony for 1 hour
*Horse/camel riding
And visit Hawzien market if today is Wednesday.

Overnight Korkor Lodge

day 05


After a morning breakfast, bike to the direction of Wukro and en route visit Abreha we Atsbeha church. The church is a large and cruciform in shape, with interesting architectural features such as cruciform pillars and step capitals. There is also well preserved 17th century paintings depicting Saints and Biblical scenes. The church contains many valuable.
En route, stop to visit the community work such as potable water supply for the community and health post.

Overnight Wukro Lodge

day 06


After a relaxed breakfast, ride your bike through the road that goes to Mekelle and en route visit the newly excavated pre-Axumite site of Adi Akawih. The site is situated near the town of Wukro. This site has ancient objects such as a statute of seated women and at its base is an altar with Sabean inscription and a partially inscribed podium.
Later, ride to Mekelle and on arrival; you will visit the Memorial for Martyred Freedom Fighters and Patriots. Here you will navigate through the modern history that took place between 1974 to 1991. Then, check in to the airport for your flight to Addis Ababa.
On arrival in Addis in the evening, enjoy traditional dinner at a traditional restaurant while enjoying traditional music. Finally, check in to the airport if you have international flight the same night or have a night at rest in one of the hotels.

End Of Tour


Please Know that we can make any changes needed depending on the number of days you have and also This tour can easily be amended to other Tour Package

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